Golden Sands Speedway LLC

10992 Hwy 54 East, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 54494
(715) 423-4660

Speed Conversion
(Lap Time) x 3 = X;  3600/X =MPH

Example: 12.596 x 3 = 37.79   3600/37.79 = 95.26 MPH


4" of highway grade asphalt over a ground asphalt base


All straights are 60' wide. The corners are 70' wide.


The track has approximately 12 degree banking in the straight-a-ways, with a 14-16 degree banking in the corners.


Retaining Wall
The speedway has a concrete outer wall 4' high on the front straight and in corners one and two. In front of the wall are water barrels and soft wall to cushion any crashes into the walls. Sand berms go along turns three and four.


The track sits on a total of 40 acres.


Safety Vehicles
The speedway utilizes a safety truck, ambulance, and a safety buggy, along with three wreckers.